Church of Our Lady of the Visitation, Paramus, NJ

While placing the Enthronement of the Blessed Sacrament on its traditional Counter-Reformationist axis, the separation made from its location in the former sanctuary to the new predella brought forward, allowed the active and reserved Presence to be properly articulated, giving each their place of integrity.

The liturgical furnishings and actions are placed throughout the worship space along paths of axial procession, so one may fully experience each and the relationship of all from the beginning to the end of our natural sacramental lives.

The font is placed at the center of the corporate assembly to express the origin of our liturgical duty. Next to the font, the oils are placed and encased in clear vessels for ease of viewing. Appropriately, not far from this Baptismal area, are the Chapels of Reconciliation.

The predella is covered in natural colored marble with inlay features which accentuate the multiple colored marbles found in the Altar, Ambo, and other liturgical furnishings refashioned from artifacts gathered from suppressed parish churches during the pastor’s travels.