Benzel-Busch Motor Car - Authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer in Englewood NJ

The newly renovated showrooms now display more than 32 vehicles, not including the nearly 200 vehicles displayed outdoors on grade and on the roof deck.

The pre-existing parent site building areas provided 34 service bays. A more efficient layout in the expanded and renovated shop facility now yields 48 bays.

The new parts department located strategically between the renovated shop and the new shop building now includes nearly double the capacity. Segregated from customer service, shipping and receiving on the lower level from South Dean Street now allows for more efficient site use and prevents cross traffic congestion.

Wash and detail areas have increased by 30% through the addition of an on-site detailing area. Service advisors/support and customer lounges have more than doubled in area; now conveniently accessed from a service drive-up canopy, to protect customers from the elements through a streamlined greeting and write-up process. Customer lounges, service bars, and boutiques on each floor offer sleek design and comfort adjacent to showrooms and service areas. Lastly, a sales department hub in the upper showroom greatly assists in efficient customer satisfaction follow-up. These areas are completely visible from the showrooms to afford an expression of transparency. (Photography by Chun Y Lai - All Rights Reserved).